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Augment the way you teach

The use of augmented reality in education is very effective and engaging, but building it into the curriculum effectively requires specialist knowledge and technical skills which can be daunting for educators.

EdAR is a team of experts with years of experience in content generation, pedagogy and AR technology.

We identify broadly applicable topics and generate content with academic experts. We develop that into a learning experience, which we then distribute worldwide to other educational customers.

Our goal is not replicating a textbook in a digital form but rather create engaging and immersive experiences with the use of spatial computing.

Identify broadly applicable topics
Generate content with topic experts from educational and industrial partners
Develop learning experiences
 Distribution of experiences
to customers worldwide

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Our Team

Andrew Sherlock


Andrew Sherlock is a part time Professor of Data-Driven Manufacturing at the University of Edinburgh.  His first degree was in Mechanical Engineer and his PhD focused on novel shape optimisation techniques for aerospace components. His career has been both in academia and industry, previously spinning out a company  working working in 3D CAD deployed at a number of large manufacturers in automotive, aerospace and industrial equipment industries. Between 2016 and 2019 he was the Royal Academy of Engineering (RAEng) Visiting Professor in Design for Product Profitability.

Gary Pesticcio

Business Development Director

Graduating college as an Electrical and Electronic Engineer Gary then worked in Engine diagnostics with Bosch Jetronic Engine Management Systems. In his long career in programming and IT spanning almost 35 years, he is now involved in the EdTech sector helping companies develop strategies to reach into this market. He has worked for Blackboard as a Solution Engineer and D2l as a Technical Solutions Engineer. Recently in his career Gary has worked as a business development Entrepreneur and has helped build companies for the intent of acquisition.

Danai Korre

Director – Augmented Reality Execution Lead

Danai is a Research Associate in Augmented and Virtual Reality at the University of Edinburgh. She has an MSc in digital media and holds a PhD in Human-Oriented Artificial Intelligence, User Experience (UX) research and Data Science with a focus on embodied conversational agents and mobile serious games. She has more than 8 years of experience in EdTech and is a review editor in mobile and ubiquitous computing.
Her research interests involve serious games, immersive technologies, VR/AR/MR, human computer interaction, human-oriented artificial intelligence, EdTech, embodied conversational and pedagogical agents, ubiquitous computing and usability engineering. In EdAR, her role as Augmented Reality Execution Lead includes project management, instructional design and UX research for immersive EdTech.

Carlos Brito

Experience Developer

Carlos Brito has graduated from the University of Minho with a Master’s degree in Informatics Engineering, having then worked as a developer and researcher in various projects, focusing on interactive computer graphics with emphasis on augmented and mixed reality. He has also been a regular guest lecturer at the University of Minho, teaching computer graphics.

Filipe Moreira

UX/UI Designer

MSc in Product Design and Development, Filipe has worked as a designer and project manager in several different companies and institutions during his 20-year career span. User centered design, human-computer interaction and AR/VR are his core research themes while working for DTx Colab.

Pedro Lima

3D Generalist Researcher

Graduated in Product Design and postgraduate in Furniture Design, he has professional experience with product and interior design projects. He also worked as a teacher of vocational education and as a guest professor in IED-São Paulo, giving classes in the courses of Product Design and Interiors Design.
More recently pivoted his focus to a more digital ecosystem and is currently working as a 3D Generalist and researcher trying to find better ways integrating 3D models, texture and shaders with Mixed Reality technologies in the Unity environment.

Diogo Constâncio

Experience Developer

Diogo is a Master’s student at the University of Minho, having completed the specialisations in Computer Graphis as well as Parallel and Distributed Computing, with a thesis on Virtual Reality. Professionally, he has been a researcher at multiple companies, where he has focused on developing Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality experiences, with multiple projects covering topics ranging from entertainment, education, and training.

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